HY-20602 Werun Foldable Treadmill 

  • 100 kg Maximum load
  • 1.0-10km/h speed shifting
  • App connection
  • Record and monitor your date
  • The mode adjusted by yourself
  • Share to your social media
  • One button folding
  • LED  liquid crystal panel
  • Easy to move: Pulley design
  • Safe latch design


    Expanded size: 144x72x123.8cm
    Folding size: 40.8x72x141.8cm
    Running belt size: 111x40cm
    Moter: 1.75HP moter
    Rating : 110V, 500W, 50/60HZ
    Color: Pink/Blue
    Screen Display : Speed, Distance, Calories, Heart rate, Time
    Progarm : APP, 3D Situational simulation, Bluetooth
    Safety magnetic buckle : Yes

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