HY-703 Foot Massager 

* Centre of the foot massage scraping
* High-frequency vibration of the heel function, play a fast calf muscles and massage the effectiveness of relieve fatigue
* On the calf kneading massage
* Both sides of the leg airbag massage
* Infrared hyperthermia foot,strong body and kidney
* Infrared hyperthermia calf
* The program contains three kinds of automatical massage treatments,separate air pressure、mechanical massage function
* Three kinds of strength adjustment to meet needs of different groups
* Removeable cloth cover. 
* Adjustable angle massage,making your personal massage more comfortable.

Introduction 商品規格

    Parameters: 24v, 2.5A, 60W
    N.W./G.W.: 12.5KG/ 14.8KG

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